Candycoon`s Cincinatti Kid (AT) n22 Gandalf of Beyrouth (CZ) d09 22  Oldestage New Yourk (US) n09 22 Oldestage Jossie`s Whale (US)
 Oldestage Miss Taylor Hiss (US) 
Romantic Story of Beyrouth (CZ) fs09 22 Orion Sun Maine Treasures (CZ)
Diana of Beyrouth (CZ)
 Quinsigamond Winona (AT) g   Mainlyclassic Tate of   Quinsigamond (US) n22 Mainlyclassic Night Stalker (US)
Quinsigamond Brie of  Mainlyclassic (US) 
Fogcity Shasta of  Quinsigamond (US) fs09 22   Sarajen Menunkatuck of Fogcity (US)
 Fogcity Thimble ISlands Patches (US) 
 Yowie`s U`re My Sunshine (NO) ns22 Bazazz Lethal Hero (NO) n22  Medium Color X`Lincoln (PL) d22  Medium Color Consul (PL)
Langstteich`s DD`Emilia (PL)
Kvarnmoras Carmenzita (SE) f09 22   Adonis Alwaro (PL)
Bonnea`s Arja (SE)
Yowie`s Oooo!! Baby!! (NO) as22 Ratoyen`s Mustafa (NO) n22 Arctic Coon`s XO Johnny Walker (NO)
Yasheska Little Angel (NO)
Ratoyen`s Q-Tips (NO) gs09 22  Spellbound`s Fakir (NO)
Eldon`s Antic (NO)